Jae Berni Interiors, Design Firm
Internet Tech Support, HTML Design, Computer Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Software Training

I developed some internet auction pages and a secure area on my own site.

I also configured a wireless network for their office, handled tech support for computers, maintenance and internet and software training.



Rezurrection Gallery
Web Design and Development, E-Commerce

The Rezurrection Gallery is a furniture and art gallery selling unique and eclectic items. Their first site had a more gothic design, which I redesigned to be a more retro-era look to fit in with the look and feel of their unique pieces.

In 2003, I introduced an e-commerce shopping area to their site, enabling the sale of eclectic gifts and novelty items.



Web Design and Development

Oppidan is a Chicago-based Architectural, Engineering, and Construction company. Their site is in development.

In 2000, I introduced series of online forms allowing site visitors to submit tailor design proposals.




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