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Internet Help for June 5, 2003

1. Digital Cameras

What should I look for in a digital camera? What can I do with the photos I have on my computer?

No matter how many megapixels a camera claims to have, the cameras are only as good as the lens. Optics is what you should look for. Traditional camera makers such as Nikon, Olympus and Canon offer the best lenses and camera quality.

Most cameras will be good at 3 Megapixels. You might want to go as high as 5 for personal use and printing. Having even more Megapixels extends into the range of professional cameras for high-end print and publications. You won't go wrong if you decide to opt for more Megapixels, but keep in mind what the end result of the photos are for. If they are solely for the internet or 3 x 5 prints, you won't need that much of a camera.

Don't forget 2 or 3 extra memory cards. They're handy to have when you're unable to upload your camera's pictures.

Try some of these cameras out at the store and test the shutter speed, or how long it takes from button push to camera click. Just with any camera, a faster shutter speed means more pictures and the ability to get the right shot in time.

In the long run, it's better to spend a little more, perhaps as much as $400. You're looking for image quality, portability, and perhaps some advanced features. Most digital cameras, just like the larger cameras are in two categories. Point and Shoot, for beginners and those looking for simplicity and Advanced Cameras, for professionals and experts who want the best quality.


2. Wbat can I do with these digital photos on my hard drive?

Printing digital photos is great, but there is tremendous advantage in having a digital image.

  • This image can be shared with others
  • Many photos can be linked on a web page for others to view
  • Stored on removable media, such as a CD.

Also, take a look at Ofoto, Shutterfly and SnapFish. These are photo services that let you store and show photos online for others to view. Photos can be viewed in a slide show from any computer. Your friends and family can even order prints of these photos online.

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