Treebeard Came Over Today

// May 26th, 2006 // writing

Well, actually it wasn’t Treebeard, but it sure could have been.

We had some overgrown trees that were blocking our satellite dish and that’s what started this whole thing. I called the Brookfield Tree Service over to get an estimate to remove these trees, some bushes and do some trimming. All in all, it wasn’t that bad, but he couldn’t actually come out until this morning.

The reception was so bad that I went out earlier this week and performed a small miracle. No the miracle is not that I fixed it (although I did), but rather that I still live. I sawed off the branch at the highest point I could reach (which wasn’t very high). Here’s where the miracle happens.

The tree branch just wobbled a bit to get out of the way of the dish, but it was stuck up there. I couldn’t move it or dislodge it… yet it was obviously separated from the branch. The miracle is that it didn’t fall and break something crucial (like my body).

They called last night to say that they were coming this morning at 7:30. Then they said they’d be here at 8:00. Since this is right when I drive Lisa to the train, I was worried. They’re on a schedule, so he said they couldn’t wait. So I said, “Go ahead and start without me.”

And they did. When I came home, I couldn’t park in the driveway. I asked Peter to look at some other trees I thought should go, as well.

The second after I explained this, two men immediately went over and started dragging this tree out of the way. I discovered quickly that it was important not to point things out unnecessarily. I mean there was barely enough time to stand clear. Maybe they have machetes for hands, like Edward Scissorhands. I wasn’t standing around to find out. In fact, I was lucky that I didn’t point to the wrong tree, or even my leg. They were that quick!

Ten minutes later, they were gone. The trees are gone…. the bush is gone. If Peter didn’t need a check from me, he would also have been gone.

Just to be careful, I’m not going to point at anything haphazardly today!

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