You Look Like Doctor Octopus!

// January 8th, 2005 // archive

I was getting my hair cut yesterday and in the waiting area was a little boy who was about 5. He was pretending to take orders from McDonald’s and Wendy’s from some tentcards that were on display. It was really cute and I was laughing along with him. Suddenly he turned to me and said, “You look like Doctor Octopus!”

I knew that he meant Spiderman 2 which he probably just saw. Now I’ve seen the images of Alfred Molina as Doc Oc from the movie and I agree that we look kind of alike:

Flattering picture of Doc Oc

Not so flattering picture of Doc Oc

I laughed again and said, “You’re right! I guess I do. I don’t have the goggles or the arms, though.”

“I’ve got all the toys at home, including some from the first movie and some of Spider-man.”

“Those are really cool,” I said.

This reminds me of a time when I used to work at Dominick’s a local grocery store. I was in one of the aisles when a little boy of about 4 stood up in his cart and pointed straight at me. The look on his face was of exhilaration, as if he had just seen one of the Seven Dwarfs. “Mom!” he yelled. “Mom!” all the time pointing wildly. I started to move towards them, wondering what it was about. “Mom! Look at that little guy! Look!”

By this time, the entire front of the store had seen this exchange and they burst out laughing. I wanted to crawl in a hole in the ground (for that matter, so did the boy’s mother, who was frantically trying to hush him up, apologize to me, and explain why you don’t point fingers at little people in grocery stores.

I’m glad that I’ve graduated to a super being at the very least.

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