Nicholas at the Funeral Home

// March 8th, 2005 // archive

This Sunday we were at a family wake at a funeral home. I was helping to watch Nicholas (4), Luke (1) and some of the other kids. It was downstairs where the mini-kitchen was and an eating area. The kids were free to make about as much noise as they wanted to.

We were going up and down the stairs while Nicholas was pretending it was hot lava. My sister Gina was also playing and she kept telling Nicholas to put on his hot lava suit. This was a favorite game as kids. Nicholas was treating this very seriously, yelling out orders and codes. “This is Mission 21! It’s Go Time!”

On the 7th time down these stairs, Gina said, “The lava’s so thick, I can’t see!”

This became Nicholas’ mantra, because he kept repeating over and over, “I can’t even see!”

As he came into the main area, proclaiming how the lava was so bad that he couldn’t see, there was another girl there. Her name was Grace and she was about 7, maybe a little older. She had the funniest look on her face, watching Nicholas… like “What’s wrong with him?”

Her mother introduced us and asked if Grace wanted to play with us. I must have been psychic, because I suggested “The Incredibles!” Grace lit up! It turns out that she loves Violet and pretends to be her all the time. So Nicholas was Dash, she was Violet, Luke was Jack-Jack and I was Mr. Incredible. He even included Lisa and Gina as the Mom. We continued to play parts from the movie.

After a while, Nicholas was told by his parents that he had to go. He then proceeded to say something which I don’t believe has ever been uttered by anyone in a funeral home before. “But I don’t want to go! It’s fun here!”

Incidentally, we’ve been given new nicknames by Nicholas, too. I’m Uncle Natious (not sure how to spell it) and Lisa is Auntie Cloud. He made those up!

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