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Unitarian Church of Hinsdale

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Since 2005, I have maintained the website and monthly newsletter for the Unitarian Church of Hinsdale (UCH). I am a member of the UCH Green Sanctuary committee which recently was formerly awarded Accredited Green Sanctuary Status by the Unitarian Universalist Association. This process was all volunteer work done over
a period of 4 years. I helped create signage, websites and display boards for fund raisers, membership events, community-led services. I have provided signage and staffing booths at fairs. I have written and spoken at services about earth conservation, environmental issues and children’s religious education. Finally, I have participated in community organization programs to recycle electronics, styrofoam, catalogs/junk mail and an energy audit.

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Digital Innovations

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Digital Innovations

I created a Flash slideshow and interactive tabbed interface for Digital Innovations using their CMS software. I built a modular template that can be changed week to week with minimal effort.