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Family Office Exchange Private Website

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I also maintained the private welcome pages for members, often updating them daily with newsfeeds, event changes/additions and presentation materials from current and past events. (By using dynamic data, AJAX and XML, Weekly webinars, event audio, documentation and other materials were made available to members 48 hours after a webinar and within a week of an event).

Recently Added Publications are generated using programming. A website administration screen is used to add publications, which dynamically generates this list on each members’ welcome screen.

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Applus+ Technologies

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APPlus+ Flash

For Applus’ 10 Year Anniversary, I created a Flash animation used by Applus to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. It was used during 2006 through 2007 as their site’s splash screen.

I also created a series of Dreamweaver templates using HTML, CSS, and javascript along with documentation and design user guides so that their internal staff could maintain the site on their own.

Tech Lighting

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Tech Lighting

I was the design lead on a long-term project for Tech Lighting. I created all the HTML, CSS, Flash, Actionscript and other interactive elements. I worked in coordination with web developers on wireframes, design mock-ups and customized Flash applications to display lighting diagrams.

Newspaper Website Design Trends

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Newspaper Website Design Trends

News websites can be intriguing to examine from a design perspective. Regardless of what type of news they cover, they all face the challenge of displaying a huge amount of content on the home page, which creates plenty of layout, usability and navigational challenges for the designer. The lessons that can be learned from examining how news websites address these challenges can be valuable for designers who work with other types of websites, including ones with blog theme designs.