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Luke and the Munchkins

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Last Friday my parents had all the grandkids over. As is usually the case, my Dad’s big screen TV was occupied not by sports (which was the case before the grandkids arrived) but by a kids show. This show as Teletubbies. I think that more of the adults were eyeing the TV than kids. Since Lisa and I were there, the adults almost outnumbered the kids.

The Teletubbies were on video and most of the kids had seen this before, but the adults hadn’t. The episode shortly came to a close and they were all waving goodbye. Suddenly Luke (2) excitedly ran from around the table waving. “Bye! Bye!” he yelled at the TV, sending the Teletubbies off on their way. It was too adorable! The other kids were waving Goodbye, too, but Luke was the most enthusiastic.

Then Nicholas (5), his brother, yelled out, “Goodbye, weirdos!” I don’t think he’s a fan.

Luke is also the same child who watches The Wizard of Oz over and over on DVD. He especially likes the Munchkin dance and gets up in front of the TV to sway back and forth. He can watch that part multiple times and in fact, the DVD has developed a glitch so that it will skip halfway through and start over again. I haven’t seen the ending to Wizard of Oz in months (and neither has Luke, I guess), but we have seen the Munchkin dance.

I can’t wait to take Luke on The Great Movie Ride someday, though I’m afraid that he would get out of the car and stay in that part of the ride.